Military laser marking and engraving is used to add graphics and text to parts and components included in military equipment, firearms, knives, military vehicles and helicopters. The applications vary greatly from basic UID Plates used on thermal imaging cameras to instructional information on compartment doors inside helicopters.

Military equipment must sustain and endure under harsh conditions which makes Laser Engraving the preferred method to apply permanent marking to parts.

US Department of Defense Unique Identification UID Requirements

The US DOD requires certain assets that qualify to be marked or tagged with a UID code, which is a 2D Data Matrix code in a standard format including some critical pieces of information such as Cage Code and Part Number. The requirement was established in a set of standards, most commonly know as MIL STD 130.

Accubeam Laser produces MIL STD 130 compliant UID Plates and Labels for some of the largest Aerospace companies in the US, our experience and quality in producing these parts gives our customers confidence they are receiving exactly what was specified.

Validation and Grading

UID codes are useless if they are unreadable and not all lasers can mark effectively to receive an Grade A mark. Accubeam has a wide array of lasers that are tuned for specific parts and materials. We provide Grading Reports with every UID so you have the confidence the parts are marked correctly the first time.


Military Laser Marking & Direct Part Marking

Military parts and equipment that are easily movable are good candidates for Direct Part Marking. This is exactly as it sounds, marking the information, UID code or logo directly to the part. Labels can come off under tough conditions, direct part marking eliminates the risk of a damaged label and unreadable information and UID codes.

Examples of Items Well Suited for Direct Part Marking

  • Vehicle Parts
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Knives
  • Firearms
  • Electronic Parts

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