laser marking retractor UDI SMALL

Molded plastic parts have become ubiquitous components of industrial equipment, medical devices, aerospace & aviation components, vehicle & marine parts and common household appliances. To create permanent marks that convey essential information as well as aesthetic qualities, many manufacturers use laser marking. This technique is often a more effective way to attach information to products, as other labels may deteriorate or peel off over time.

Laser marking operates via fast, noncontact techniques to produce clear codes and images that resist temperature extremes, abrasion, and time. Manufacturers also use laser marking to create images on curved surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. In many cases, laser marking uses fewer materials and costs much less than other labeling methods.

We perform laser-based labeling via three methods:

  • Laser marking
  • Laser etching
  • Laser engraving

Read on for in-depth explanations of each technique.

Laser Types CO2, YAG, Fiber, U/V
Materials Polycarbonate (PC), Polyamide (PA), Polypropylene (PP), Liquid Crystal polymer (LCP), PVC, PBT , ABS, HDPE, Delrin, PET, Polyethylene (PE), Silicone, Nickel plating, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Paper, Epoxy, Glass, Glass epoxy, Cation painting, Nonwoven fabric (PP/PE/PET)
Drawing Types .dxf .ai .dwg .hpgl .jpg .bmp .tif & Gerber
Secondary Operations Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, Deep Engraving, CNC Machining, Precision Surface and Blanchard Grinding
Industry Focus Medical, Aerospace, Military, Electronics, Automotive, Promotional, Industrial, Marine
Application Types Identification (All Industry Types)

UID, UDI, Bar Codes, Lot Codes, 2D Data Matrix


Cation-painted parts, Multicolor automotive relays, ECU PCBs, In-vehicle plastic parts, Switch covers, Terminals, Fuse holders, Windows


Mobile device & accessories, Terminal block, Wafers , Crystal oscillators, Transparent cases, LED lights, Lead frames, IC packages


Magnifying glasses, Masks, Electric toothbrushes, Medical tubing, Medicine bottles, Steel instruments, Protective eyeware

Foods, Cosmetics

Bottles, Caps, Tubes, Desiccant, Cases, Cartons, Packaging, Film