Deep Laser Engraving .027" deep in Steel

Deep Laser Engraving .027″

Hitting & Measuring Depth

Deep Laser Engraving with precision requires the right lasers, engineering and skill sets and most importantly, inspection equipment capable of assessing the surface and taking measurements.  Accubeam Laser utilizes an advanced Laser Triangulation System to scan the surface area and deliver measurements to ensure depth requirements are being met.  Depth requirements are common with parts that are exposed to harsh conditions or where regulatory requirements must be met.  Accubeam Laser has the capability to reach depths with any material type including stainless, titanium and tool steel.

Deep Laser Engraving AR-15

Deep Laser Engraving AR-15

Deep Laser Engraving

Accubeam is the preferred laser engraving service provider to permanently engrave features, logos, manufacturer and serial information directly into your parts.  Accubeam has the capability to exceed .030″ on any material type and take depth measurements inside cavities as small as 30 microns.

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