obfuscating electrical components

Adding part numbers and key manufacturing data to products and components has enormous benefit for the end user and the manufacturer when repair and maintenance is called for.  However, there are times when removing or obfuscating identifying marks from parts and components is critical as well.

The reason is simple, obfuscating protects what you have created from being stolen by the competition.   

Removing identifying marks is called obfuscation.  Obfuscating part numbers and other sensitive data is popular in the electronics hardware industry, but can also be found in other industries such as heavy equipment and machinery.

Copying the competition is nothing new, it’s as old as business itself.  So you may ask, why is it a big deal?  It’s a big deal because the company that created the product may have invested an enormous amount of money and time developing the product and they will price the product to recover that investment.  When the competition clones or copies a product, they have invested nothing and may be able to price it well below current market prices.  The effect is obvious, the creator can’t recover its investment which can lead to solvency issues.

Accubeam’s Part Obfuscating Process using lasers is a fast and economical alternative to removing sensitive part numbers and other data elements to prevent manufactured or assembled items from being copied or cloned.  Laser engraving or marking can safely remove all identifying marks without affecting the components.

If future part identification is a concern, we can add back your proprietary data that only your service team can reference.  Adding data back can be applied directly to the part or through the use of an ID Tag, Plate or TESA Secure Laser Engraved Label.

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