2D Graphics

2D Graphics can include various color tones and are popular on mag wells, slides, stocks and grips.

3D Graphics

3D engraving creates stunning images with amazing detail, its popular on slides and mag wells but can be applied to most surface areas.


Commemorative engravings can include monograms, 2D and 3D engravings and are popular for anniversaries, retirements and special recognition.


Accubeam is your single source for custom gun engraving and firearm engraving. We engrave all AR-15, M16, M4 Carbine, MPX, SBR (Short Barrel Rifles), SBS (Short Barrel Shotguns), Machine Pistols, Suppressors, Silencers, Pistols, Revolvers, Semi-Automatic Pistols, NFA and Class III firearms. We are licensed by the ATF as an FFL Type 7 and SOT providing us the capability to take possession and laser engrave fully assembled guns, firearms, suppressors, rails & accessories, stocks, lowers, uppers or barrels. Here is a general description of the laws pertaining to firearms that fall under the National Firearms Act or NFA.

Laser engraving is the preferred method to add serial numbers, NFA Trust & owner information, logos, custom graphics and features to guns or firearms, suppressors, rails, stocks and other accessories. Some firearm engravings such as serial numbers and class 3 / type 2 markings require certain depths to be reached. Accubeam has the laser technology to reach and verify any and all depth requirements prescribed by the ATF. See our gun engraving pictures for examples of recent work.

Our Gun Engraving Services Include:

  • Radial & Directional Marks
  • Informational Marks
  • Trust or Ownership Information on NFA Class 3 SBRs, SBSs and Other Modified Weapons
  • 2nd Amendment Engraving
  • Logos, Graphics & QR Codes
  • Custom Multi-tone graphics

Gun Manufacturers Accubeam Frequently Engraves:

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