Accubeam Laser offers contract Laser Cutting Plastic Services to produce a wide array of parts and components from all types of Plastics and Synthetic Materials including; Mylar, Acrylic, Delrin, ABS, PE, PP, all Poly types, silicone, foam rubber and much more.

For a comprehensive list of Laser Cutting Plastic capabilities refer to our Specifications Table below.

Accubeam has the unique ability to Laser Cut and Laser Engrave single, multiple or laminated sheets of material in a single process, producing exceptional quality products that are cost effective.

We provide different types of Laser Cutting Plastic processes applied based on the material type and requirements, Flame, Fusion, Sublimation and Laser Drilling, each can be assisted with inert gases to boost the energy or ensure the edges are oxide free.

Here at Accubeam we have extensive experience laser cutting a wide array of materials and parts for all industries to provide exacting solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and specifications.  Laser cutting is computer driven process, leading to accurate and repeatable cutting of parts where holding tolerances is critical.

Laser Type (3) CO2 Lasers w Gas Assist
Advanced vision system for cut registrations,
vision targets and auto-scaling
Materials Mylar (PET), Acrylic, Delrin, ABS, PE, PP, Olephins,
Polyimide, Polycarbonate,Polyester, Polystyrene, Polyurethane
Urethanes, Aramid,, Nylon
Flexible Circuits – Polyester & Polyimide (Kapton)
Fiberglass, Phenolic & Solid Surface Material (Corian)
Kevlar, Polyester Fabrics & Velcro
Aerospace – Insulation, reflective wraps
Cutting Thickness Acrylic 1″
Working Range – x y z x-50″  y-50″  z-9.5″
Tolerance +/- .002″
Gas Oxygen & Nitrogen
Drawing Types .dxf .ai .dwg .hpgl .jpg .bmp .tif & Gerber
Secondary Operations Blanchard Grinding
Surface Grinding
3 Axis CNC
Industry Focus Aerospace

Accubeam’s Laser Services

Accubeam has over 15 years of experience and we are the market leader in innovative tooling and processes to add value to our customer’s products.  Our focus is on quality and customer service and our business prides itself on honesty and transparency.

We process both short run and large full production cycles, no job is to large or small.

If you are interested in cutting services you can view some of Accubeam’s recent laser cutting pictures.

If you have any questions about your parts, upcoming jobs or looking for general information, contact your local sales team with offices in Sarasota and Orlando.

We look forward to serving you.

Laser Cutting Plastics And Synthetics

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