A gobo light stencil is a laser-cut metal or heat-resistant plastic disc that is placed inside or in front of a light source to cast a pattern, logo, or image onto a surface. Through the use of laser cutting, manufacturers can cut patterned holes that allow the desired shape of light through, emitting a specific pattern of shadow and light into a space. At Accubeam, our laser cutting capabilities enable us to produce custom gobo lighting stencils to meet your needs.

Industries that Use Gobo Lighting Stencils

Gobo stencils look like simple discs, but once they are in place, they can completely transform a space. A variety of industries utilize them, including:


A gobo allows light and shadow to be projected in a particular way. Photographers may use them for model photoshoots, artistic shots, product photos, and food photography.


Gobos offer an elegant way to add personalized flair to a space. By laser cutting the bride and groom’s initials or names into the disc, they can be cast on the center of the dance floor, the wall behind the head table, or any other dominant surface.

Stage Lighting

Gobos are very common in the world of stage lighting. They are used for theater productions, concerts, and events. The altered lighting can be purely decorative, or it can create special effects. Multiple gobos can be used simultaneously to layer the look.

Film Lighting

Batman’s bat signal is one of the most widely recognized examples of the gobo concept. In film and television lighting, they can be a great addition to scenes where the strategic placement of light and shadows is a necessity.

Immersive Events

Atmospheric gobo stencils make it possible for guests to walk into a room that has been totally transformed with lighting. Gobos can be cut to achieve a variety of effects, including fireworks, space themes, and many more.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Gobo Stencils

When purchasing gobo lighting stencils for your particular application, there are a variety of factors to consider to ensure you select the best option. These factors include:

  • Gobo Size. Determine the correct sized gobo based on the projector and/or gobo holder being used.
  • Quantity Needed. Decide on the number of projections you want to create.
  • Artwork/Design. Choose your design or artwork based on the desired effect. Then, provide the design in the proper format.
  • Materials Used. At Accubeam, we can work with metal and plastic materials. Metal gobos work best for simple shapes that require firm blocking of the light source. Plastic composite gobos are popular for custom designs.
  • Delivery Date. For custom designs, extra time may be needed to cut stenciling. Stock items sometimes have a faster turnaround.

Gobo Light Stencils from Accubeam

Gobo stencils are a go-to tool in a variety of industries, including photography, stage lighting, film and television lighting, wedding decor, and immersive events. For superior gobo light stencils, it’s important to work with a provider of quality laser cutting services. At Accubeam, our laser cutting capabilities enable us to produce gobo stencils from metal or glass substrates. We can work with you to create a custom design that fits your particular application.

Contact us today to discuss your gobo light stencil needs. You can also request a quote to learn more.