Accubeam Laser is a national contract Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting and fabrication
service company located in Southwest & Central Florida.
We have over 40 years of combined experience of processing parts
and components with Laser Technologies.

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We serve a wide range of industries and disciplines
in areas such as Medical, Aerospace, Military, Industrial,
Electronics, Automotive & Transportation, Marine &
Boating and Promotional Goods.



Also commonly known as radii engraving, circumference engraving or graduated banding is used on a curved surface like a tube or ball shaped part. Accubeam has developed specialized equipment and programs to Laser Mark or Engrave almost any part’s surface.

Commonly used for parts that experience harsh environmental conditions, such as high heat and friction or chemical exposure.  Accubeam’s deep laser engraving requires specific high power lasers that can remove large amounts of material quickly, without gouging or destroying the surface.  Accubeam also has the tooling and inspection equipment to perform depth measurements where tolerances are critical path.

Machine readable codes come in a wide variety of types.  Bar Codes have been a standard for many years but recently the 2D Data Matrix has taken hold.  2D Data Matrix is the format used for US DOD IUID marks, UDI for medial parts and the commonly seen QR Codes on products and brochures.  Marking the code on a part is only the first step.  Accubeam scans all codes to grade the mark and verify readability and provides all documentation to the customer.

Accubeam has the capability to inventory our customer’s material and parts, pull, process, pack and ship to the end customer using our customers packing lists if necessary.  This key attribute reduces freight, handling and inventory costs for our customer and reduces the overall delivery time.

Accubeam Laser is ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certified by NSF-ISR.  We are dedicated to your success and strive to be a partner with you in that endeavor.

Accubeam has the facilities and tooling experience to process full production quantities in addition to short run jobs.

Accubeam has deployed a diverse line of YAG, CO2 and Fiber Lasers that provides us the ability to Laser Mark, Laser Engrave and Laser Cut almost any material type.  Explanation of the differences between Laser Engraving and Laser Marking.

  1. Produces precise, detailed & uniform marks on any material type.
  2. The most efficient and economical method to mark, engrave and cut parts.
  3. Computer program controlled, it will not vary in color, location and size from part to part.
  4. It’s permanent, the design is cut into the material.
  5. Accubeam was recognized in the Plastics Decorating magazine.

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