Precision metal shims are important solutions for extending the lifespan of equipment used in high-wear and high-vibration applications. At Accubeam, we can create high-tolerance shims for diverse end uses. Each of our custom metal shim designs is developed to absorb stress while ensuring maximum longevity, reducing your need for early component replacements. Backed by over 40 combined years of industry experience, we are a well-established leader in high-quality custom metal shim design and fabrication. 

Accubeam’s Advanced Custom Metal Shim Capabilities

We create reliable solutions for even the most challenging environments. Using a suite of advanced machinery and fabrication techniques, our capabilities go far beyond basic shim production. Our custom capabilities include:

  • Laser cutting & laser metal etching. Our laser cutting and etching machines deliver up to a 4,000-watt capacity for clean and precise cuts every time, along with the ability to create intricate etching designs on the material surface.
  • Grinding, sawing, nibbling, and shearing. These techniques finish and refine your shim according to your exact specifications.
  • Heat treating and plating. Further enhance your shim’s lifespan with our range of plating and heat treatment options.
  • Babbitting and passivating. These special finishing treatments chemically or mechanically bond an outer shielding layer to your shim to prevent corrosion and further strengthen your chosen metal.
  • Barcoding and special packaging. We offer a range of packaging and barcoding options to ensure seamless logistics and impeccable product delivery conditions.

Common Types of Custom Metal Shims

Shims play a vital role in many types of industrial operations. They come in numerous design styles to meet the needs of diverse end-use applications. Some of the most common types of custom metal shims we produce include:

  • Tapered shims. When surfaces have a taper, tapered shims are used to fit in between components and assemblies. They can make the assembly tight by pushing apart the components and ensuring there is no play between mating parts.
  • Slotted shims. This type of shim is similar to a horseshoe and features a rectangular shape with a slot cut into one side for easy alignment. Slotted shims balance and align assembled machine components to prevent damage to equipment.
  • High tolerance or precision shims. High tolerance shims are crucial for applications that require a precise fit every time. At Accubeam, we deliver documented inspection data with every high-tolerance shim we produce. This not only ensures quality but also gives you the confidence that your shim will perform optimally for the intended application.
  • Shim stock. The term shim stock refers to the versatile material used to create custom shims. It can be cut into any dimension and is used to level, adjust, and make fitting adjustments. Shim stock can be measured based on its width, length, and thickness.

Materials Used in Our Custom Shims

At Accubeam we’re committed to delivering unmatched quality and precision. To meet the needs of industry-diverse applications, we produce shims from a variety of materials, including: 

  • Copper
  • Aluminum 
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Titanium
  • Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, and other exotic metals 

Whether you need a malleable material or something extremely durable, we can provide the performance you need. In addition to metal shims, we also work with various non-metallic materials, including rubber and nylon.

Benefits of Custom Metal Shims

Developing a custom metal shim from Accubeam allows you to take advantage of many benefits: 

  • Precision fit. Since our shims are custom-designed to your specifications, you can be certain of a precise fit that eliminates problems caused by misalignment and improper spacing. 
  • Enhanced durability. Our extensive range of material options allows us to create the ideal solution for your application. We ensure increased resistance to wear, heat, corrosion, and any other environmental challenges you’re facing. 
  • Cost-efficiency. Since we deliver a perfect fit and maximum durability, your shim will not only last longer but also reduce your process downtime and maintenance costs. 
  • Safety. A properly designed shim greatly enhances equipment safety, reducing potential hazards.
  • Versatility. We meet the needs of diverse industries with our extensive custom capabilities and expertise. From construction to aerospace, we can help you achieve optimal performance.

Discover Precision with Accubeam: Request Your Custom Shim Today!

Demanding applications require precision solutions. At Accubeam, we create custom shims for industries that require high tolerances and enhanced durability. We also include documented inspection data with every precision shim so that you can feel confident your solution will deliver the performance your application requires. To learn more or get started on your custom shim solution, contact our team today.