Laser Marking Identification is a method to permanately identify parts and components with part numbers, serialization, bar codes, lot codes or other unique markings relevant to the industry. There are a few different methods to add Identification Marks to parts. Direct Part marking is where the part is physically marked by the laser, either on a bare material surface and/or by removing a surface coating such as anodizing, powder or paint. ID Tags and Plates can be cut and colored to fit any size or location and can include pre-drilled holes for screws and rivets. TESA security labels are also an option. TESA labels can withstand harsh conditions and add a level of security.

Products and parts need to be identifiable and traceable for a variety of reasons, safety, inventory control, loss prevention, part identification and more. There are several mandates and/or requirements that require different industries to identify parts for safety purposes. Some of these include the aerospace, medical and automotive industries. For certain DOD asset acquisitions, a UID code is necessary and can be applied using the methods described above; direct part marking, tags/plates and labels. All UID marks come with a validation and grading report for quality verification purposes.

With Accubeam’s identification and coding services you can be assured that your parts and /or products will be easy to identify and conform to all applicable standards.

Here are some of identification services Accubeam can add to products and parts:

Accubeam’s Laser Marking Identification and Coding Services

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