COVID-19 has caused many companies to pivot away from old production activities in favor of contributing to the pandemic relief effort. Accubeam has joined in the drive to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals nationwide, leveraging our combined 40 years experience in the laser cutting industry. 

Accubeam works on three key principles: experience, quality, and trust. That’s why our manufacturing process prioritizes diligent inspection and quality control. Safe and secure PPE requires precision-crafted materials. We employ our experience in programming and process control to maintain tight tolerances on all laser cut personal protective equipment. 

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The Types of PPE We Provide Material For

We provide laser-cut materials for personal protective equipment including:

  • Face shields
  • Ear saver masks
  • Acrylic or plastic partitions

Our laser cut face shields supplement the use of medical masks. The plastic and synthetic materials on our face shields are easily cleaned and provide a non-porous barrier that still allows the user to breathe unobstructed.

Ear savers provide a quality-of-life improvement for medical professionals who wear masks for the entire day out of necessity. These easily sanitized plastic pieces help alleviate pressure on the user’s ears caused by prolonged use. 

Acrylic and plastic partitions have become an integral component of schools and businesses planning to reopen in the near future. Rather than wearable PPE, partitions serve as a way to modify and safeguard the environment with laser cut PPE. 

Benefits of Laser Cutting Plastic

  • Allows for intricate details: Small details like serial numbers, branding, or tiny design components can be added with ease.
  • Higher level of precision compared to other processes: Laser cut PPE components are cut to tight, exact tolerances unobtainable through other processes.
  • Quick change of component designs: Our experience with CNC programming allows us to adapt to design changes on the fly.
  • Little to no hard tooling: Laser cut plastics are contact-free, reducing production errors from direct tool on material.

Reasons to Utilize Laser Cut PPE

  • Cost reduction: Laser cutting plastics makes additional trimming unnecessary.
  • Dust-free cutting: Clean, precise cutting methods reduce dust byproducts during manufacturing.
  • Automated processing: Laser cutting can be paired with automation systems to reduce human error and promote efficiency.
  • Elimination of material fixation: CO2 lasers offer a contact-free cutting process that reduces or eliminates rough edges, flaws, and imperfections.
  • Quick and efficient process: The process is optimized regardless of the type of plastic material used.
  • One-stop process: Cutting and engraving are carried out in a single, efficient operation. 
  • No wear and tear on cutting tools: Contact-free process eliminates costly wear on your tools.
  • Radius-free contours: Laser cutting allows for the crafting of precise and uniform material edges.
  • Potential cost saving through nesting: Optimize high-value raw materials by sharing cut lines and reducing wasted resources.

Other Laser Cut Plastic Applications

Other Laser Cut Plastic Applications

  • Nameplates 
  • Sign making  
  • Control panels  
  • Displays
  • Polished-edge acrylic  
  • Gaskets, seals, and shims 
  • IT tags and plates

Plastic Laser Cutting Materials

  • Acrylics  
  • Plexiglass  
  • HDPE  
  • HDPP  
  • Mylar (PET)  
  • Acrylic  
  • Delrin  
  • ABS  
  • PE  
  • PP  
  • Olephins  
  • Polyimide  
  • Polycarbonate  
  • Polyester 
  • Polystyrene  
  • Polyurethane urethanes  
  • Aramid 
  • Nylon 
  • Flexible circuits – polyester and polyimide (Kapton)  
  • Fiberglass, phenolic and solid surface material (Corian)  
  • Kevlar, polyester fabrics, and Velcro 
  • Insulation and reflective wraps (aerospace)

Why Choose Accubeam for Laser Cut PPE Components?

It’s a critical time for manufacturers everywhere. Every industry should strive to use their expertise to assist others. Accubeam is committed to manufacturing necessary laser cut personal protective equipment. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we have the ability to work across a number of plastic and synthetic mediums to provide the necessary equipment to medical professionals nationwide. 

With our CNC programming experience and process control techniques, we can cut materials to tight and precise tolerances with a high level of quality. Visit our website to learn more or contact us directly for pricing information.