What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a process by which a beam of focused light interacts with the surface material to vaporize or remove a layer of the surface material leaving a cavity in the surface that is generally visible to the eye and noticeable to the touch. The amount of material removed and the depth of the cavity can be controlled by a skilled engineer to produce quality engravings in any material type.

Here at Accubeam we have extensive experience laser engraving a wide array of materials and parts for all industries to provide exacting solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and specifications.

The terminology Laser Engraving is often used interchangeably with Laser Etching, Deep Laser Engraving and Laser Ablation. Each of these types of engraving are removing or vaporizing the surface material. Laser Engraving shouldn’t be confused with laser marking, which is using a laser to alter the surface properties to change the color of the material. If you are interested in laser marking services click here to visit the Laser Marking page.

Laser Etching and Deep Laser Engraving

The difference between laser etching and deep laser engraving is a matter of depth and where the line falls is subjective based on the shop you are dealing with and the material to be engraved. Going .005” deep on aluminum is very different that doing it on titanium and both are different than stainless or tool steel. An operator must have the skill, experience and most importantly the right laser for deep engraving on that material, because most lasers generate heat. Excessive heat while deep engraving will damage and potentially destroy a part thus choosing the right laser engraving service provider is crucial.

Laser Ablation

Like etching and deep engraving, laser ablation is removing or vaporizing the surface material. The difference is ablation is removing a coating to expose either the bare surface material or another coating underneath. Examples of coatings would be anodized, powder coating or paint.

Applications for Laser Ablation

  • Anodized aluminum parts, ID tags and plates
  • Powder Coated marine and boat parts
  • Backlit buttons used in cars, boats, aircraft and space vehicles
  • TESA Secure Labels


Why Accubeam Laser Engraving?

  • Permanent, able to withstand the harshest environments.
  • You can add logos, bar codes, Mil-Std-130 UID, UDI, identification codes, lot codes, serial numbers, and more.
  • Makes products, parts and components easy to identify.
  • There are no tools or moving parts, only a beam of light so laser engraving can be performed inside hard to reach areas of a part.
  • The process is computer driven and controlled making it fast and accurate every time.

Accubeam has over 15 years of experience and we are the market leader in innovative tooling and processes to add value to our customer’s products. Our focus is on quality and customer service and our business prides itself on honesty and transparency.

We process both short run and large full production cycles, no job is to large or small. Click here to see some laser engraving images from recent jobs.

If you have any questions about your parts, upcoming jobs or looking for general information, contact your local sales team with offices in Sarasota and Orlando.

We look forward to serving you.