The Importance of Quality Assurance in Laser Cutting Operations

Laser cutting is a cost-effective process that uses a high powered laser beam to remove specific sections of material to create a desired part or component with minimal waste and tight tolerances. This process offers high precision, accuracy, and repeatability, and can be done using a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, leather, wood, and glass. Implementing quality control and assurance measures during the laser cutting process is crucial to ensure creating the best possible results.

Quality Management/Assurance in the Laser Cutting Industry

Laser Cutting
Quality assurance involves steps taken to ensure the laser cutting process runs smoothly, while quality control involves checking the finished products for significant defects. There are multiple ways that Accubeam ensures the quality of our laser cutting services, including:

  • Keeping and holding tight tolerances on our machines
  • Making sure that the material cutting speed is proportional to laser power density
  • Choosing the focal length on the lens that is best for the material
  • Continual monitoring of the gas assist pressure to optimize cutting efficiency and effectiveness

Utilizing laser cutting ensures quality in multiple ways. The laser beam can run though much tighter spaces, meaning fewer materials are needed. The laser also ensures that materials won’t fray as the ends are melted rather than cut. Laser cutting in a non-contact process which lowers the possibility of heat damage to the material. These factors, along with high service life and increased productivity, ensure optimal quality of laser cut products.

How Accubeam Ensures Quality

At Accubeam, the quality of our work is our number one priority. To accomplish that goal, we use an image dimension measurement system, which verifies whether our finished components pass all applicable customer and industry standards.

The machine is a visual inspection system that performs measurements in place of optical comparators, optical CMMs, measuring microscopes, and calipers/micrometers. It can quickly measure a variety of products, including springs, stamped parts, plastics, rings, gears, bottles, blind holes, threads, and more. It can perform hundreds of part measurements quickly with an accuracy of +/- 2um.

Benefits of Image Dimension Measurement Systems

There are many benefits to using an image dimension measurement system. The machine consolidates conventional tools into a single, accessible system. It allows for users to easily acquire stable measurement results and set up virtual lines and points.

Many stages of the measurement process are automated to provide speed and consistency. The inspection system identifies measurement points, makes focal adjustments needed to avoid inconsistent results, automatically saves measurement data, and creates inspection reports with built in graph and histogram functions. Image dimension measurement systems eliminate the risk of human error and allow for us and our customers to be confident that the created part will function properly.

Quality Laser Cutting Solutions at Accubeam

Accubeam provides laser marking, engraving, and cutting services for a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical, military, and more. We prioritize maintaining high levels of quality through use of image dimension measurement technology and other quality assurance techniques. For more information about our laser cutting capabilities, contact us today.

Accubeam Quality Policy