Laser Cutting vs. Die Cutting

Many industries depend on precision cutting techniques as part of the manufacturing process. Two of the most common cutting methods include laser cutting and die cutting. Die cutting uses a razor-sharp steel rule and a press to cut the material into the specified shape. In contrast, a laser cutting machine uses a powerful laser [...]

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Expanded Fiber Laser Cutting Services

Accubeam Laser is excited to announce that it has expanded its laser cutting capabilities by adding a 4 Kilowatt Fiber Laser Cutting System.  The new machine will greatly increase the thickness capabilities for cutting metals as well as increased accuracy.  The new fiber systems joins the existing line of CO2 laser cutters to position [...]

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Laser Engraving Corkcicle, Yeti, RTIC and ORCA

You see them everywhere now; workplace, at the beach, by the pool, the neighbor’s BBQ...Facebook.  We are talking about tumblers and canteens.  Everyone has their preferred brand, Corkcicle, Yeti, RTIC, and ORCA are popular choices and they all strive to accomplish the same thing, some are better than others. Of course you should never pass [...]

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Obfuscating Sensitive Information

obfuscating electrical components Adding part numbers and key manufacturing data to products and components has enormous benefit for the end user and the manufacturer when repair and maintenance is called for.  However, there are times when removing or obfuscating identifying marks from parts and components is critical as well. The reason is [...]

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Deep Laser Engraving Measurements

Deep Laser Engraving .027" Hitting & Measuring Depth Deep Laser Engraving with precision requires the right lasers, engineering and skill sets and most importantly, inspection equipment capable of assessing the surface and taking measurements.  Accubeam Laser utilizes an advanced Laser Triangulation System to scan the surface area and deliver measurements to ensure depth [...]

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Laser Marking and Engraving Techniques

Two Tone Lower AR-15 For many laser marking and laser engraving jobs we process, the requirements are straight forward.  However, there are a lot of jobs that require multiple processing types.  As we have described on the Laser Marking and Laser Engraving pages, there are different types of processes and flexibility within process types [...]

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Engraving Firearms

Accubeam Laser Marking is the market leader in engraving NFA firearms.  Laser engraving is the preferred method to mark trust information to meet NFA engraving requirements for AR-15, SBR and other Class 3 firearms, suppressors and accessories. In addition, personal and commemorative information can be added to firearms as well using laser engraving. In addition to dealers and other [...]

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Using Electronics & Accessories To Market Your Business

External Battery Devices - Jackery Bar External Battery Devices - Jackery Bar There are a lot of hot new items in the marketplace right now that make excellent vehicles to market your business or organization.  External Battery Packs have become common accessories for those on the go who need extended power for hand held [...]

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UDI, are you ready??

What is UDI? Unique Device Identification, aka UDI, is coming to a medical device near you.  The FDA has released it's "Final Rule" and set in place the timeline for implementation of unique identification on most medical devices distributed in the US.  The new ruling will have far reaching affects and benefits in the marketplace. The UDI process [...]

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