You see them everywhere now; workplace, at the beach, by the pool, the neighbor’s BBQ…Facebook.  We are talking about tumblers and canteens.  Everyone has their preferred brand, Corkcicle, Yeti, RTIC, and ORCA are popular choices and they all strive to accomplish the same thing, some are better than others.

Of course you should never pass up an opportunity to market your business, which is why that Corkcicle canteen the guy next to you at the pool is sporting has an awesome looking UCF logo on it.  Thankfully you never separate yourself from that iPhone, so you google UCF to see what it’s all about.  Mission accomplished, the simple act of throwing a logo on that tumbler has opened up a whole new world of exposure to potential customers.

On a serious note, the tumbler and canteen movement does have its benefits.  Have you ever wondered where all of those plastic bottles go that say “Spring Water”?  Certainly a lot gets recycled, but make no mistake, a lot ends up in the ground, on the ground or floating in the ocean.  Tumblers and canteens from Corkcicle, Yeti, RTIC and ORCA are helping the planet and businesses at the same time…so drink up.

Accubeam is a leading provider of laser engraving and laser marking services of tumblers, canteens and other drinkware.

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