That is a great question, it seems everywhere you go now you see 2D Data Matrix Codes, either on packaging, restaurant menus or in magazines and newspapers.  This type of code is referred to as a QR or “Quick Response” code and is generally used as a directional marketing or product informational tool.

So what does that mean?  Instead of the 2D code storing information such as part numbers, cage codes and the like, the code is storing information that is relevant to an end consumer.  The most common application is to drive a consumer to a web site where they can get more information, sign up for a service or purchase a product.  Using QR codes on your products is a great way to drive business by getting potential customers into a purchasing situation quickly.

The QR codes are also used to provide product information, GEO Locations, contact information as well as automatically creating text and emails to a desired person.  The future of Quick Response Codes is expanding rapidly as more consumers are carrying smart mobile devices with QR Code Readers.

There are different methods to place QR code on products.  For printed material the code is simply included in the document.  For durable goods and products using a laser marked code will ensure durability and longevity so the code is readable even after extensive use and wear.

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