We’ve talked about what QR Codes are and how they are used, but we often get asked what they can be used for.  The most popular codes we see are on advertisements, where the code directs someone to a web site aimed to sell you something.  But that is not all they can be used for.  Realtors have begun adding QR codes on For Sale/Rent signs, aimed at getting drive by traffic to stop and not only scan and get directed to the website, but also to give the prospect an opportunity to stop and look at the home for longer than the 2 seconds it takes to drive by.  This is just one example of focused and direct marketing capabilities of the QR Codes.

So what else can be done with a QR Code?  In the example above the type of code is a Web URL Code, and the scanner knows this and will open a browser and direct you to that web address.  Here is a list of other types of codes:

  • Phone Number, Email Address or SMS Text
  • Text
  • Geo Location
  • Contact

If you understand how the Web URL Code works, these others become self explanatory.  So what are the applications for this?  Well simply put it’s the transfer of information, maybe you want to document manufacturing information and specifications about a part for future repair and maintenance needs.  The Text Code would be used for that application.  Another need may be to document on a part a specific location where it originated or was placed in service, a Geo Code would satisfy that requirement.  The Phone Number, Email Address and SMS Code could be used if you want someone to be able to contact you quickly, for example you may want to put a Phone Number code to automatically dial a support center, technical adviser or possibly an internal maintenance department.

As smart phones quickly take over the market and with QR Code Readers abundantly available for free these codes will only expand in both usage and capabilities.

Accubeam has the capability to create any QR Code and Laser Engrave it into most surfaces.  laser engraved marks by far last and wear longer than any other type of painted or screen printed mark or label.

Contact Accubeam today to discuss the future of QR Codes in your business.