laser engraved AR-15 with trust information

laser engraving firearms including AR-15s, SBRs and other FFL firearms with owner & trust information, logos, graphics and other identifying marks.

Accubeam announced today that it has received its Federal Firearms Licenses (FFL) for Manufacturers.  The additional License allows expanded flexibility when engraving weapons for manufacturing purposes as well as engraving NFA required trust information on Class 3 Firearms.

“The handling and processing of firearms for our customers is a sensitive matter and there are strict rules that must be followed.  Possessing an FFL gives us the flexibility to receive in the entire weapon system instead of individual components.  This makes for a much smoother process for the customer.”  Brad Dunn – Director of Business Development

If you have questions about engraving firearms with NFA requirements, logos, graphics or other types of marks, contact Accubeam’s Central Florida Sales Office today for more information.