Accubeam delivers custom contact laser cutting, engraving, and marking services from our facility in Sarasota, Florida. We started out as a laser marking service provided by our sister company, Florida Knife, on the Gulf Coast in 1999. After six years, we built an infrastructure dedicated to laser marking and cutting services known as Accubeam Laser Marking Inc. Our name has become trusted by leaders in the promotional, electronics, transportation, marine, military, medical, and aerospace industries with a broad selection of high-quality services.

In addition to laser cutting and marking services, Accubeam produces products for various applications, including metal wire mesh. Determining if metal wire mesh is right for your application requires understanding the types of metal mesh and their applications.

What Is Metal Mesh?

A wire mesh is a two or three-dimensional structure composed of multiple metallic wires connected using various attachment methods. Various applications rely on wire mesh, from armoring and fencing to carrying and displaying goods. It is prevalent in both industrial and domestic settings.

Common Mesh Types

Wire mesh comes in two primary types for various applications. The following are the most common types of wire mesh and their qualities:

  • Welded Wire Mesh: This type of mesh consists of welded rows and columns joined at each intersection. The wire is drawn to the correct diameter and fed through a machine for welding. The machine welds the mesh in a perpendicular pattern as it passes through the machine. Several methods can create welds, but the most common is electrical resistance. When the mesh workpiece meets the desired length, manufacturers can shear it into a rigid, flat sheet.
  • Woven Wire Mesh: In a woven mesh, wires are typically woven in pairs over and under perpendicular wires. Manufacturers use a machine like a loom and feed straight wires in. The machine is set to a pattern and bends the wires, reversing their position until achieving the desired dimensions. Manufacturers can cut the mesh sheet to the necessary length.

Uses of Steel Mesh

Various applications depend on steel wire mesh. They often include security-related applications, along with the following:

  • Straining and Sifting: A common use of steel mesh due to its durable and solid construction that can tolerate heavy wear. Its versatility also permits straining and sifting various materials.
  • Filtration: Steel mesh is a popular filtration medium because it can filter various materials, including debris, dust, and dirt. Various industries prefer metal wire mesh filters.
  • Security: One of the most prevalent uses of mesh steel is the security and protection of valuables. It can protect against weather, animals, and other threats, making it an ideal choice.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Wire metal mesh has an industrial and rustic appearance, making it suitable for decoration in various applications.

Uses of Titanium Mesh

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust and can be extracted from igneous rocks and sediment. It is also found in several minerals, including anatase, brookite, ilmenite, rutile, and titanite. Before it is suitable for titanium mesh production, the titanium is subject to various fabrication and chemical processes. The material is known for its ductility, strength, lightweight construction, and corrosion resistance. It is ideal for various applications, including:

  • Cranioplasty: A medical procedure to surgically reconstruct a part of a human skull. Cranioplasty may be necessary to address deformities or defects of the skull and relies on titanium for its biocompatibility and non-toxic properties.
  • Orbital Reconstruction: The orbit is the socket in the skull that supports the eyes and related blood vessels, muscles, and nerves around the eye. When the orbit is damaged due to a strike or accident, it can cause loss of vision, pain, malfunction, swelling, and double vision. Orbital reconstruction surgery using titanium mesh can correct the trauma.
  • Laryngeal Framework Reconstruction: A surgical procedure to address glottic or laryngeal cancers using titanium mesh. The material offers structural support to the laryngeal framework without obstructing the airways.
  • Jewelry: Titanium’s exceptional durability makes it ideal for watches, necklaces, and other designer jewelry. Due to its ductility, the mesh can form various desired shapes and sizes.

Titanium & Steel Mesh from Accubeam

Metal wire mesh comes in two primary types and provides wear-resistant mesh for security, filtration, and several other applications. Metal wire mesh can also be a ductile, lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant solution for various applications, including surgical use when constructed from titanium. Accubeam can create and cut steel and titanium wire mesh in various shapes and sizes. We have over two decades of experience delivering laser engraving, cutting, and marking solutions from our Sarasota, FL, facility. Contact us at 941-371-2104 or request a quote to learn more about our capabilities.